T'was the Day After Thanksgiving

T’was the day after Thanksgiving, when all through the town,

Black Friday was happening and spirits were down.

No stockings, or Santa or season’s joy could be found.

No people were singing, not even one sound.

Mama and I were shopping for plastic from gosh who knows where,

at big box stores where workers were too busy to care.

We kept trying to find just one really good deal,

but fighting more crowds just had no more appeal.

We looked at each other and exclaimed with a tear,

“Are we going to start the holidays like this every year?”

When out in Shelby Township, at their most historic site,

holiday cheer rang forth, from noon until night.

We hurried on over to the Packard Proving Grounds,

where a horse-drawn wagon made tree-lined boulevard rounds.

There Santa spent time with each child, whether naughty or nice.

Mrs. Claus helped them make goodies, if not right first, then twice.

The courtyard was filled with treats, live music, and more.

Although chilly outside, it was not far from the door.

Shoppers were inside buying gifts made of cloth, paper and wood,

made by talented neighbors they knew, or at least should.

When darkness fell, the festivities went on.

A yule log fire was lit, big but not bon.

Strong singers led carols, sung out into the night.

Then Santa strode out, brightening the tree and evening with light.

We went home with warm feelings and holiday cheer,

with unique gifts and plans to return the next year.

We loaded happy kids and a beautiful Christmas tree,

More than one said out loud, “that’s how the holidays should be!”

If you get a chance, leave Black Friday mayhem behind,

It’s only $5 to park and to ride, I bet you won’t mind.

All ages are free to get in from noon until six.

Don’t miss out, go to HHF18.com for parking and ride tix.

Oh, the name of the fest is the Holiday Heritage Faire.

We hope to see you and the whole family there!

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