Main Stage Program

We are pleased to present a full schedule of live music and expert presentations on the Main Stage at the north end of the building. Grab a seat in front of the stage, or grab some delicious food, snacks and drinks and find a table in the dining area near the stage, and enjoy great music and educational programs. Below and right is the 2019 program. Check back soon for the 2020 schedule.    8:30 Crystal Castle - Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit
  9:00 Lia K Catallo - Music

  9:30 Gerald Hasspacher - The Environment & Your Health
 10:00 Ryan McMillan - Music

 10:30 Marc Rameriz - Tackling Chronic Illness

 11:00 Kayla Coen - Music
 11:30 Life Coach Rosie - Good Day Goals
 12:00 Jenna Wright - Music
 12:30 Dr. Velonda Anderson - Food Comes with Clues

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