Directions and Venue Info

Drive, Park, Walk, Enter, Reserve & Enjoy! 

Drive: Drive to 49965 Van Dyke Ave, at approximately 22 1/2 mile. Turn west onto N Proving Grounds Blvd as directed. Parking lots and gates open at 4pm. 

Park: Follow signs and directions to park your vehicle in Preferred Parking (right), if you purchased a pass on-line in advance, or in Public Parking (left) if you are purchasing a pass at the gate. 

Walk: Bring blankets and lawn chairs, but NOT coolers, fireworks, weapons, or outside food & drink. These will not be permitted inside the gates, nor will unaccompanied minors. Follow directions and walk carefully to the entrance gate with your entire family/group.   

Purchase: If you purchased an advance pass on-line, skip the ticket sales line and proceed to the gate. If purchasing a pass at the gate, stop at the ticket sales tent just outside the gate. Please have $20 cash ready to purchase your family/group pass. Walk-in should get a discount coupon as your group enters the property on foot, and you can enter for $10. Retain your pass for a possible rain date (July 10). 

Enter: Have your purchased or advance pass ready. Advance passes can be printed or displayed on your phone. If not available, have your ID ready for checking the advance pass guest list. Advance ticket holders will receive a goody bag with $5 in concession vouchers. 

Reserve: Proceed straight along the main entranceway. Check out the concessions and exhibit shopping along the entranceway. Enjoy these now or proceed to the guest area of your choice (see layout); fireworks will be seen over the northwest corner of the grounds. Use blankets and chairs to reserve your family/group's space (up to 10'x10') in any open spot. Do not move others' property. 

Enjoy: Enjoy the shopping exhibits, concessions/dining, kids activities, and entertainment stage from 5pm to 9:45pm, and then return to your reserved spot for the Shelby Twp DDA fireworks at 10pm. 

Interactve Map

Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

A site rich in Detroit’s automotive history. 

Established in 1927 by The Packard Motor Car Company, this unique site hosts multiple Albert Kahn designed buildings, located on 14 acres. It’s a lovely venue for weddings, car shows, plus corporate & social events. $5 of each parking pass go to the Packard Motor Car Foundation to help with the restoration and maintenance of the historic grounds, buildings and automobiles.


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