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Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

A site rich in Detroit’s automotive history. Established in 1927 by The Packard Motor Car Company, this unique site hosts multiple Albert Kahn designed buildings, located on 14 acres. It’s a lovely venue for weddings, car shows, plus corporate & social events. Event venue proceeds go to the Packard Motor Car Foundation and help with the restoration of the grounds.

Drive, Park, Walk, Reserve & Enjoy! 

Drive: Drive to 49965 Van Dyke Ave, at approximately 22 1/2 mile. Turn west onto N Proving Grounds Blvd as directed. Park: Have your tickets or $20 cash ready for parking staff. You will receive your family/group admission pass and a goody bag.  Follow their directions and signs to park your vehicle and walk to the festival. Walk: Take your goody bag and pass with you. Show your family/group pass at the gate or purchase a $10 walking pass, if parked off the grounds. Then, walk to the guest area of your choice (see below); fireworks are seen over the northwest corner of the grounds. Reserve: Use blankets and chairs to reserve your family/group's space (up to 10'x10'). Do not move other's property. Enjoy: Check out the exhibits, concessions, kids activities and entertainment on the music stage. Prohibited: Coolers, fireworks, weapons, and outside food & drink are prohibited. 

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