Festival Layout

The PPG Fireworks Festival layout uses nearly all of the 700,000 square foot Packard Proving Grounds property, including grass lots, driveways, the paved track, and the banquet hall building. Restrooms are available in the Banquet Hall (middle building) and northwest corner of the lot. 

Parking Lot: Dark red designated areas are parking for guests, exhibitors and volunteers as marked. You will be directed to the appropriate parking area upon entry. Public parking is available outside the gates in the front and south lots. Preferred parking inside the fence is available for families with small children and other special needs. It offers the closest proximity to the guest areas, but may not be the first to exit.   

Guest Areas: Blue areas provide seating/standing areas for guests and include the following areas: the Paved Track (west end, best viewing), Main Lawn (better viewing), Entrance Lawn (good viewing), and Medians (grass between boulevards, some obstructed viewing). All areas have unobstructed views of the fireworks areas over the northwest corner of the PPG property, including between trees in the medians. Please limit space use (blankets and chairs) for your family/group to a 10'x10' area (100 sq/ft) to accommodate the 700+ groups attending.

Exhibits: Exhibits 1-20 can be found along the west fence, 21-40 along the north side of the large grass guest area in fron of the Kids Korner, , 41-50 just south of the large Tank (west) Building, and food truck and stands in and near the courtyard between the Tank Building and Banquet Hall. 

Kids Korner: The Kids Korner is designated by an orange section located along the north side of the property behind Exhibits 21-40. It includes space for inflatables for kids (under 100 lbs.), and well as a 25' tower climb, and large area for "retro" games for kids of all ages. 

Food Court: The Food Court is located in front of and inside the Banquet Hall (middle building) and between all three buildings. It includes food trucks and stands, picnic tables, dining tables and trash/recycling bins.   

Stage: The stage is located at the northwest corner of the tank (west) building in the middle of the layout.  

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