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John was born and raised in Grand Blanc, MI. After studying in the Netherlands for a year, he attended Michigan State University where he graduated with high honors with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. He worked in SE Michigan as a retail computer store manager and medical systems national dealer sales director before founding CIVITEC Healthcare Computers. For 15 years, CIVITEC was a leading provider of computer systems for physicians, physician groups, managed care, and mental health agencies in Michigan, growing to 10 employees and 1.3 million in annual sales. After selling the company, John worked as a business consultant and planner for a variety of businesses. In 2004, John joined the board of Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in Oxford, MI and co-founded the Earth Day Expo. From January 2008 through June 2009, Batdorf was the Executive Director of UHEAC, during which time it experienced rapid growth in revenue, cashflow, community/public relations and programming. In 2010, John founded MI Green Team, Michigan's leading green/wellness network, and produced the MI Earth Day Fest. As general manager, John continues to produce a variety of events and programs to promote green living and wellness.

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