Event Layout

V313 is located in the spacious Shed 5 of historic Eastern Market. The event layout includes: 

  • public entrance through the west doors, conveniently accessible from free public parking lots north of the building
  • dozens of vegan and healthy living product, service and program exhibits
  • free massage from Irene's Myomassology students in the southwest corner
  • the MI Green Team INFO booth near the main entrance, where directions, event information, VIP guest list and handouts, as well as the door prize winner list is available  
  • the Main Stage at the east end of the buidling, with seating for those enjoying live musical, expert panels, comedy and inspiration
  • food & beverage concessions trucks and tables along the south side of the building, with dining tables located at both ends of the venue
  • public bathrooms in the lobby at the west end of the building
Exhibitors will be assigned to their spots and the map will be finalized by 3/1/18. Please check back for updates.  

VegBash is a trademark of The Quintessential Event Company

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