Indoor Layout

Exhibit Hall

The middle (second) PPG building is the Exhibit Hall and includes:

  • the main entrance where all attendees will get wrist-bands required for entry, and adult ticket-holders will get $5 in concessions vouchers 
  • nearly 50 plant-based product and service exhibits 
  • the MI Green Team INFO booth (41) near the building entrance - offering directions, exhibitor list and program schedule, and door prize winner info 
  • public restrooms and drinking fountains in the northeast corner

The courtyard between the two buildings nearest the gate provides:

  • an enclosed and heated tent walkway between the Exhibit Hall & Stage/Dining Hall 
  • food trucks, parked close to the walkway, where you can order and pick up food. 
Please stand in lines along the food truck and keep the center of the walkway clear for foot-traffic between the buildings.   

Program & Dining Hall

The first (east-most) building inside the main gates houses the dining area, bar and stage:

  • the Program Stage is at the north end, with seating to enjoy live entertainment and the educational program
  • round-tables for seated dining and large cocktail tables for stand-up dining and drinks, in the center of the hall
  • food and drink vendors and the PPG bar at the south end of the building 

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