Promote Your Participation

With a great line up of participants, we're all set to draw a great crowd. However, the event requires a LOT of promotion to insure the maximum crowd. So, MI Green Team is doing its part, including:

  • leveraging the brand and marketing resources of the well-attended VegBash event series 
  • retaining a top publicist to get articles and coverage in a variety of local media, including Fox 2 Detroit  
  • posting calendar listings is many area media outlets, and publishing paid ads in Natural Awakenings Magazine 
  • sending event announcements to 6,500+ email subscribers on MGT and affiliated lists 
  • posting and promoting Facebook ads from MGT, VegBash and Vegan Group Facebook pages (10,000+ Likes)
  • distributing printed posters and flyers, and maintaining a well-visited event website 

Experience tells us that all this effort is about half of the effort needed, and that as much of the attendance is generated by participants' efforts, including word of mouth, email, social media and advertising. So, that's where you come in! NOW is the perfect time to promote your event participation, by:

  • joining the VegBash Eventbrite affiliate program and sharing 25% of referred ticket sales  
  • selecting Going and inviting all your local Facebook friends to go to MGT's VegBash Facebook event
  • liking and tagging/sharing event posts on MGT Facebook page ( 
  • donating door prizes and sharing prize drawings Facebook posts   
  • placing web banners, sending email announcements, and linking to (see below)
  • ordering and distributing posters and postcards at your or other busy locations
  • letting us know how your promotions are going, so we can recognize your efforts and encourage others

Direct promotion is THE best way to insure turnout at your exhibit. These final days before the event are the very best time to promote! With your help, we're building quite a buzz and looking forward to a great crowd at the East MI VegBash!

Promotional Resources

Web Banners (right click, copy & paste)



East MI VegBash
Black Friday, November 24, 3-8pm
Packard Proving Grounds
49965 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Twp 48317

Join us for a holiday celebration of creative and flavorful vegetarian and vegan cuisine, libations and living. The East MI VegBash is the fourth in the popular event series, responding to an outpouring of interest in these event by vegetarians, vegans and those simply wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle. This unique event features the food of many outstanding restaurants, caterers and food trucks, expert presentations, live music, expert presentations, free massage, shopping for plant-based natural products and wellness services, and more. This indoor event offers heated-tent access to food trucks and historic buildings, and free on-site parking. 


VegBash is a trademark of The Quintessential Event Company

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