Exhibit Instructions

Booth Assignments & Exhibit Options

We have made initial booth assignmentssee the festival layout for location. 


Please review the exhibitor agreement which provides the guidelines of your participation. Here are some highlights and important instructions:

  • final assignments will be made by MGT at check-in, and can not be changed at that time
  • arrival hours are Friday (April 21) from 10am-3pm; if you'd like an earlier arrival, please email us
  • all vehicles must be off the lot during event hours and Friday by 3:30pm (by Rochester Police order)
  • drive to the south entrance of the lot at 333 Third St, between Second and Water Sts., one block east of Main Street
  • STOP your vehicle at the INFO booth at the south entrance (there may be a line), to get directions 
  • after checking in at the INFO booth, drive to your booth to unload your equipment and materials promptly
  • do not leave vehicles standing or parked on-site while setting up, or place anything blocking traffic or common areas
  • park in any available public parking (map) or in reserved parking as directed by event staff 
  • all exhibit spaces (and additional spaces) are 10'x10' with 1' border on the sides and back for weights/lines
  • place nothing in front of your booth (front tent legs); most booths will have 1' or more behind for supplies/inventory
  • if ordered, your table (30" wide and tall) will be in your booth and will be uncovered; bring your own table covering
  • no signage is provided; bring your own signage and non-damaging attaching devices/adhesive
  • if ordered, your tent will have three sides installed and the 4th (front) tied back and can be used as needed
  • BYO tents be must secured with weights preferrably (15+ lbs per leg recommended), or sturdy stakes
  • exhibits (except KIDS KORNER) are on hard gravel/pavement surface; setting stakes will require a sledge hammer
  • the fire chief will inspect all tents and not allow any unsafe or unsecured tents to stand
  • set-up should be completed 15 minutes before start times on each day
  • do not leave any items in common areas during unloading and set-up
  • bring a 20'+ outdoor extension cord and multi-outlet adapter (if needed), if you've ordered electric
  • total amps must not exceed ordered level, so no heating or refrigeration is allowed with 10 amp service
  • tear down will be from 4:15 to 7pm on Sunday; please take care when driving on-site and avoid blocking traffic
  • this is a green event - please leave no litter, boxes, equipment or trash behind; place trash/recycling in appropriate dumpsters; break down empty boxes and take them with you, if possible 


It's more important than ever and definitely not too late to promote your participation:

  • check out the Promote webpage for resources and ideas
  • join and invite friends to join the Facebook event - www.facebook.com/events/1812700468989966/
  • tag the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/miearthday); share our posts (@MI Earth Day Fest)
  • participate in and invite other to participate in special events, listed under CELEBRATE!
  • donate Door Prizes (send info to prizes@migreenteam.com) and share Green Door Prize Facebook posts
  • Tweet about the event @MIearthday and #miearthday 
  • place web banners, send email announcements, and link to the event webpage (www.miEDF.com)
  • remember to distribute any posters, postcards and yard signs you picked-up
  • let us know how your promotions are going, so we can reward & recognize your efforts (at the award's ceremony)
  • remember, the final weekend and weekdays before the event are the very best time to promote!

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