Can Reconnecting with the Earth Improve Your Health?

11/20/2012 9:48 AM | John Batdorf (Administrator)

Is chronic disconnection from the earth's energy field contributing to inflammation and illness? Is it affecting your body's ability to protect and heal itself? Could you feel better by regularly connecting with the earth? If you're not already walking barefoot outdoors each day, the surprising answer is - YES! Before you write this off as metaphysical wishful-thinking, check out the science below:


Just as exposure to the sun energy gives us vitamin D, direct contact with the earth gives us free electrons - call it vitamin G (for ground). Like all essential nutrients, getting enough of this subtle yet powerful energy may mean the difference between feeling good and not so good, of having little or a lot of energy, or sleeping well or not so well.

Throughout history, humans walked barefoot on the earth. But modern lifestyle, including insulating materials in shoes, flooring and furniture, have disconnected us from the earth’s protection and healing energy. A growing body of research has raised the distinct possibility that this disconnection contributes to chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, and poor sleep that plague so many people.

The remedy for the disconnection is simple: Walk barefoot outdoors whenever possible and/or sleep, work, or relax indoors in contact with grounded, conductive materials that transfer a limitless supply of antioxidant free electrons to your body. People who do so on a regular basis say that they sleep better, feel better, and have more energy.  This simple practice is called “earthing”, and it is both a technology and a movement which is transforming lives across the planet. Earthing is safe and natural for people of all ages, but it is not medicine or a substitute for medical treatment


Several months ago, I heard about earthing from an on-line wellness newsletter and was immediately intrigued. The concept satisfied an intuition that some sort of major disconnect - between our modern lifestyle and our natural state of health - remained unexamined. Many hours of research overcame my skepticism about the new-age sounding promise to “connect with the earth” for better health. The evidence for earthing’s safety and effectiveness is compelling. It includes clinical and laboratory (double-blind)
studies, many video demonstrations of rapid physiological improvements (e.g. body voltage, blood viscosity, cortisol levels), testimonials by people from all walks of life - world-class athletes, mothers, retirees, etc. - and even studies comparing grounded and ungrounded plants.

I knew I had to try it out for myself. So, I bought a voltmeter from a hardware man that was more amused than helpful, and jerry-rigged an extension cord (don’t try this at home). I held the ground wire and quickly noticed a major effect - grounding yourself
immediately and dramatically reduces AC body voltage caused by proximity to electric devices and wiring (98% reduction pictured here). A great analogy for the benefit of protection from these unnatural electric fields is that of spilling a hot cup of coffee in your lap either while sitting on a chair (i.e. ungrounded) or in a filled bathtub (i.e. grounded). Since we are surrounded by EFs when we are indoors, this is likely a significant health benefit.

Next, I bought a conductive grounding mat from and used it while I worked at my computer and while I slept. I noticed several benefits including improved circulation, better exercise tolerance and recovery, and elimination of the need for a newly-prescribed medication based upon improved blood work. I encouraged two staff members to try earthing. Both had similar positive results including reducing their medications upon the advice of their physicians.

So, now
I’m thinking "this is real". We need to get everyone earthed! 


You don’t need to buy anything to get grounded. Simply, go barefoot outside and see what a difference it makes on your pain or stress level. Sit, stand, or walk on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete. These are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the earth’s energy. Wood, asphalt, and vinyl won’t work. They are not conductive surfaces. Experience for yourself the healing energy of the earth at work. You can also make your own grounding devices, like I did with my extension cord. Unfortunately, these can be uncomfortable to use, and even unsafe if connected improperly to an electrical outlet.


When going barefoot outside is not comfortable or convenient, or when you’re exposed to electric fields indoors, a variety of earthing devices are available to connect you safely. Unfortunately, earthing products have not been available locally and on-line sources are not always able to provide the personal service required.  To fill the void, MI Green Team has become an authorized distributor.

EarthingTM products include books, mats, bed sheets, pads, throws, recovery bags and body bands, and all include outlet testers and in-line resisters to insure safety. They aren’t all cheap – many of them have use silver fibers as the conductive material – but they last for many years, are free to use and maintain, and are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer to connect you to the earth and produce positive results. How many health products or services allow you to experience their benefits absolutely risk-free?


To place an order for any Earthing product, visit the MGT Earthing Online Store. For orders placed in October, we will cover your sales tax. And, for orders of $250 or more, we'll provide free local delivery, set-up and testing. For more information about earthing or promoting Earthing products,
contact us by email or phone.

We look forward to sharing the earthing movement and technology with you.


John Batdorf
General Manager
MI Green Team


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