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Many resources are available on the web to help you save the planet, and some cash. Check these out:

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Resources for Eco-Friendly Habits and a Green Lifestyle: This guide has great tips to improve your green living that cost nothing and can even save you money! In addition, the guide also lists great ideas for short term changes and long term investments that we as consumers could do to play a part in helping our environment clean. 

A Complete Guide To Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars: A well-rounded introduction to electric and hybrid cars - how the technology works, commonly-used terminologies, as well as important facts and figures on CO2 emissions and the lifetime impact of traditional cars on the environment. Important milestones and key developments in electric and hybrid vehicle technology, such as how batteries for electric cars are getting cheaper and increasingly more efficient, and how car manufacturers are coming out with more electric and hybrid models each year. What's it like to own an electric or hybrid vehicle, how the government is helping make ownership of electrics and hybrids more affordable through grants, incentive schemes, and by investing in modern infrastructure such as public charging points to keep up with the demand. Other useful tips, resources, and information that can help you decide if an electric or hybrid vehicle is the right choice for you.

Mr. Rooter's Water Waste Calculator: A water conservation tool that calculates how many liters of water faucet leaks waste per day. The tool calculates the water waste for slow and fast leaks. 

DIY Natural Bug Remedies: This detailed guide to natural bug repellents for a healthy and happy home. We include 8 natural solutions for common bugs as well as instructions on how to make each solution with items around your house!

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